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Welcome To Malek Academy

Welcome to Imam Malik Academy

Why Imam Malik Academy?

From the historical city of Istanbul, we seek to meet the needs of students who preferred to reside here, looking forward to an in-depth study in the language of the Noble Qur’an and the human sciences, and to provide knowledge, skills and values, through a serious educational process based on an integrated methodology under the supervision of a group of competent scholars; we strive to meet these needs.

The Imam Malik Academy of Sciences seeks to graduate a generation that is aware of its present, fortified with its originality, qualified with science and methods of sound scientific thinking, in order to keep pace with the needs of the times and coexist with its societies with an enlightened mind and a righteous character, making it active and interacting with the culture of its time and proud of its authentic belonging.  This promising scientific institution comes within the framework of serious work to correct the image of Islam that exaggeration and extremism have deliberately been distorted in the world, basing in its discourse on perverted interpretations - intentionally or not -


who are we?

     The Imam Malik Academy of Sciences is a Turkish institution concerned with human sciences, Islamic studies and the Arabic language in the post-secondary stage, and it works in the fields of education, rehabilitation and scientific research, and it promotes the role of religion in civilized construction and contributes to achieve social peace, caring for social and national responsibility, and communication with other cultures.


Our goals:

    Preparing distinguished scientific competencies in the humanities, Islamic studies, and the Arabic language and its sciences.

Contribute to spread and consolidate moderation and equinox, and addressing extremism of all kinds.

Upgrading the values, knowledge and skills that help carry the message of knowledge and learning.

Provide higher education opportunities, and a scientific and educational environment suitable for low-income groups.

Promote the values ​​of intercultural dialogue


Our Mission:

Contribute to the civilized religious reform, prepare a segment that contributes to the renaissance of its nation and the reform of its homelands and contributes to the service of human societies, linked to the original and connected to the present, guided by the latest methods of management and correction, away from the paths of hyperbole, sectarianism and retreat.


Our vision:

To be a pioneering educational institution that contributes to the advancement of the nation, is open to civilizations and cultures, and prepares a segment of specialists, according to distinct educational and discipline systems.


Our Values:

The pursuit of mastery

Openness to others

The independence of thought

National and societal responsibility

Transparency and accountability

Development and review

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