PhD Degree


Postgraduate degree and meticulous specialization (PhD).

school system:
1. The duration of the study is three full years.
2. A course is scientific research.
3. The student is obligated to attend some scientific courses and meetings in coordination with the supervisor.

1. Islamic law and its sciences.
2. Arabic Language and Literature.
3. Propagation and civilization.

Admission requirements:
1- The student must have obtained a bachelor’s degree (masters) in Islamic sciences, or the Arabic language, with at least a good grade.
2- To be fluent in the Arabic language to a degree that enables him to pursue studies at this level.
3- To pass the interview.
4- Recommendation, with a certificate of absence of legal precedents in the country of headquarters.
5- Acceptance priority for those who are fluent in one of the living languages ​​other than the mother tongue.

The required documents:
1. A document to finish university studies, a (Master's) certificate, certified by the competent authorities
2. Four 4/6 cm solar photos.
3. A birth certificate issued by the city or municipality in which he was born, or whose name and date of birth were recorded in its records.
4. Enrollment application.
5. A valid passport.