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AdvantagesBachelor degree

  • The first and second year students study a general specialization in various forensic and linguistic sciences, and begin specialization in the third year in the Division of Islamic Law, Da'wa and Civilization, Arabic Language and Literature.
  • The Academy is concerned with teaching in-depth jurisprudence based on comparative jurisprudence
  • The teaching of scientific materials is carried out by highly qualified professors from different nationalities

Life inside the academy

  • In addition to daily lectures
    In addition to the daily lectures, the Academy provides educational and da'wah lectures. The Academy visits a number of preachers and scholars from the Islamic world.

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Certification Advantages

Official government certificate issued by the Islamic Call College, Libya, accredited by the Libyan Ministry of Higher Education.
The Faculty of Da'wa has scientific relations with universities in the Arab, Islamic and international world, such as the Federation of Universities of the Islamic World, Al-Azhar University, Islamic Fiqh Academy, ALECSO (Arab Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) in Tunis, ISESCO (Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) in Rabat, and UNESCO (World Educational Organization). Science and Culture) in Paris, Islamic Centers in Europe, Canada and America, Universities in Senegal, Universities in Nigeria, J. Bayrou, University of Uganda, University of Sai, Niger, and Union of International Institutions in Brussels, Belgium - Union of International Association (UIA) Ghana - Accra.

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