details PhD Program


The PhD program depends on writing the thesis directly (without the need to study materials).

- The thesis can be discussed in the third year from the date of registration.

Life inside the academy

  • Educational Lectures
    In addition to the daily academic lectures, the Academy gives educational and advocacy lectures. The Academy is visited by a number of preachers and scholars of the Islamic world
  • سكن طلابي
    Student accommodation is available close to the place of the classrooms, which provides students with a suitable environment for study
  • المناشط الترفيهية
    Many Fields Trips are planned

academy staff

Certification Advantages

An official government certificate - issued by the College of Islamic Dawa in Libya - approved by the Libyan Ministry of Higher Education.

    The College of Dawa has scientific relations with the universities of the Arab, Islamic and international world, such as the Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World, Al-Azhar University, the Islamic Fiqh Academy, ALECSO (Arab Organization for Education, Science and Culture) in Tunisia, ISESCO (Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) in Rabat, and UNESCO (World Education Organization) Science and Culture) in Paris, Islamic centers in Europe, Canada and America, universities of Senegal, universities of Nigeria, (J.Piero), the University of Uganda and the University of Sai in Niger, the Union of International Institutions in Brussels - Belgium - (union of international association) (UIA) and the Association of African Universities (Association) of African Universities) Accra, Ghana.

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