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Malik Academy’s Goal is to Spread & Teach the Arabic Language, and Seeks to:

أولاً: تحقيق الكفاية اللغوية للمتعلمين والمتعلمات من خلال:
1-    إكسابهم مهارة القراءة  الصحيحة، وفهم  النصوص المقروءة.
2-    إكسابهم مهارة المحادثة  لاستخدامها في  عملية التواصل.
3-    إكسابهم مهارة الكتابة.
4-    إكسابهم مهارة الاستماع  لفهم ما يسمعونه في وسائل  الإعلام المختلفة وغيرها.
ثانياً: تحقيق الكفاية الاتِّصالية، وتمكين الدارسين من الاتصال بأهل اللغة والتفاعل معهم في المحادثة والكتابة، إضافة إلى تمكينهم من التعبير عما يريدون في المواقف المختلفة، وكذلك الترجمة المتبادلة بين اللغة العربية ولغتهم الأصلية.
ثالثاً: تحقيق الكفاية الثقافية، وذلك من خلال تنمية الوعي الثقافي والإسلامي لدى الدارسين والدارسات، وتزويدهم برصيد متنوّع من الثقافة العربية الإسلامية. 


  • The center provides housing for students upon their arrival, and the advantage of internal housing is that it is in the academy building, which makes it easier for students to study, and provides them with the issue of movements and transportation.
  • The housing is distinguished because we offer amenities and all means for success in studying.
  • There is a restaurant in the residence itself; students get three meals a day.
  • There is a large number of Arab students in the dormitory, which facilitates practical application and speeds up the process of teaching foreign students the Arabic language.
  • There is a mosque next to the academy’s building, in which many religious lessons are held that students can benefit from attending it; and the academy is also visited by senior scholars and thinkers of the Islamic world, which enables students to meet with them and benefit from their lectures.
  • The Academy is taught by specialized professors with good experience in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers, all of whom have higher degrees.
  • The Academy provides a recreational side for students through practicing sports activities and recreational trips.
  • The Academy allocates a general supervisor for the students to follow-up their educational needs and activities, and to overcome the difficulties they face.
  • The teachers in the Arabic language teaching program focus on the applied aspects and various useful activities.
  • The number of students per class is a typical number, which facilitates the process of understanding and application

مستويات الدراسة..

The skills that the study program focuses on

Life inside the academy

  • Students' Housing are Available
    Student housing is available in the vicinity of the classrooms, which provides students with a suitable environment for study
  • A number of recreational activities are available
    A number of recreational activities are available
  • In addition to the daily study lectures
    In addition to the daily academic lectures, the Academy gives educational and advocacy lectures. The Academy is visited by a number of preachers and scholars of the Islamic world.
  • A number of recreational activities are available
    A number of recreational activities are available

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Graduation certificate

After successfully completing the academic year (with a score of 60%), students obtain a qualifying diploma from the Islamic Advocacy College in Libya, which is an official government college

The degree is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and the World Federation of Islamic Universities

The certificate obtained by the student qualifies him to enter the university and complete his studies at the College of Islamic Advocacy or one of its branches.

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